Mario Venegas

Mario has been tattooing for over 23 years, 15 years of which at The Elektrik Chair, here in Wichita, Kansas. Mario prefers to do trash polka, realism, and water color tattoo styles, but is more than capable of conquering any challenge.  Mario is a not scared of any style of tattoo style, modern or old school. Mario loves to make a custom design to fit that specific clients personality and life story.  Mario is currently the state licensed trainer for the shop, having apprenticed several well known local artists such as Chris Ramirez. 

Chris Ramirez

Chris Ramirez is one of Wichita’s most sought after artists, specializing in black and white photo realism. Chris has been an accomplished graphite artist since 1983, winning his first award from the Nobel Peace Association in 1985. After mastering the art of gardening Chris moved to La Jolla, CA an taught surfing with virtually no experience. He tattooed a shark. Once back in his hometown of Wichita, KS. Chris focused more the craft of tattooing, wildlife tattooing, and alternative taxidermy. 

Denzelle Bailey

Denzelle is a self taught artist from Tupelo, Mississippi.  Denzelle started his Tattoo apprenticeship shorty after graduating from The Art Institure of Atlanta, earning his first Professional Tattoo License in 2012. Denzelle specializes in symmetrical tattoos, geometric tattoos, micro tattoos, animal tattoos and clean lined tattoos. Denzelle works in Black and Grey, as well as color.   

Brittany Soto

Born and Raised in Kansas, Brittany Soto has been passionate about drawing and painting since she was a little girl. At the age of 18 Brittany moved to Virginia Beach, VA, there she learned to transfer her art to the art of Tattooing. After five years of Tattooing at Virginia Beach, VA. Brittany moved to North Carolina where she opened and managed her own shop for just over four years. Lucky for us; her love of family has brought her and her artwork back to the Midwest. 

Sergio Valadez 

Self taught Wichita Local Artist; Sergio Valadez: best known for his “Thug / Dub Dorothy” and “Skeleton WuShock WSU Mascot”.  Before making a name for himself as a tattoo artist Sergio was an accomplished Graphite Artist who studied Graphic Design at Wichita State University. Sergio has also Illustrated a nationally published children’s book: The Dream Collector. Sergio specializes in black and gray realism.